Served our NATION...

                                           now serving Holly Springs



Married 26 Years


Raised Two Daughters: Special Education Teacher / College Student


- Served 24+ Years Active Duty

- Deployed to 4 Combat Operations 


- 3 Decorated Command Tours - Colonel/USAF (Retired)

- Commanded: Deployed Joint Forces Base; Largest F-16 Combat Operational Group; Operational Squadron

Community Engagement

- Chairman, Holly Springs Planning Board (current)

- Tech Review Committee / Capital Area Metro Planning Org Southwest Area Study (CAMPO SWAS) Stakeholder Rep

trusted aviator

- USAF Career Flying/Instructing/Leading F-16 Missions

- 2 Tours as Instructor at USAF F-16 Weapons School (aka, "Top Gun")

- Current Boeing 757/767 Commercial Airline Pilot



My goal  when elected to Town Council on November 5th is to serve you in the same manner as I have as a member of the Holly Springs Planning Board and current Chairman, over the past two and a half years. That manner is guided by my past experiences as a husband, father, career aviator, and US Air Force senior leader/veteran. Holly Springs is our family's home, and I want to be part of the broader strategic policy-making process to ensure this well recognized safe and family-friendly ‘great small town’ grows to build upon a unique sense of community and connectivity...continuing to make it a highly desired and safe town to live, work, shop, and play! 

My promise  to the residents of Holly Springs is simple - as a civic leader, I believe in making decisions on a given topic based on solid research of the issue presented, taking into consideration as many diverse opinions as available, and ultimately placing my vote where the facts intersect with a fiscally realistic and sustainable approach.

The opportunities and experiences over my lifetime distilled that perspective.

every challenge presents an opportunity

Integrated Growth

The exponential growth that Holly Springs has experienced over the past two decades is forecast to continue. The growth offers an opportunity to ensure our infrastructure increases on pace by balanced, yet integrated commercial and residential developments. This is critically important within Holly Springs jurisdictions. I believe opportunities exist for integrated growth with our neighboring towns, NCDOT, and other county/state partners. NC-540 presents a unique opportunity to simultaneously integrate a major infrastructure enhancement with smaller, but highly needed, town road and sidewalk connectivity improvements slated for construction as part of the 2018 voter approved Transportation Bond.  We must ensure an integrated and fiscally balanced approach for residents to live, work, shop, and play. 


Private / Public Partnerships

These partnerships provide pivotal opportunities to meet the needs of growing small businesses and also to meet resident expectations for desired services and amenities. The Town Hall Commons is one example of how implementing that concept today is building out our 'small town' main street. To meet additional needs of our growing Town, further public/private partnerships warrant consideration. One such opportunity should be an effort to leverage the public desire for an aquatic center and increased fitness facilities with a private need for a rehab center near our two new medical facilities of Duke Health and UNC Rex Hospital. Understanding these overlapping needs is an area where an engaged Town Council can address challenges by seeking innovative opportunities. 


Accountable Decision Making

For 28 years I have either sworn an oath to ‘support and defend’ our nation in accordance with our Constitution, or currently on the Planning Board to further 'support and maintain' the laws of North Carolina. At the local level of policy making, it is our duty to be held accountable to the governing State and Federal laws when creating policy that guides our Town's development and operation. I  believe elected Town Council members should therefore render policy decisions guided by the needs of its residents. We ultimately are accountable to our residents and must consider their 'diversity of thought', while resisting undue influence by partisan or private donor organizations. As an 'apolitical' former military senior leader and current Planning Board member, I strongly embrace this principle of servant leadership. 


Let's Continue to Grow, connect, & INtegrate a 

Great Small Town Safely 

...to Live, Work, Shop, & Play

#1 Ranked Safest Town in NC (2018/2017) - Safewise/SafeHome.org

#5 Best Place to Raise a Family in NC - WalletHub 

"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." -John F. Kennedy


           "Trust...but VERIFY."       -Ronald Reagan

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