My goal  when elected to Town Council on November 5th is to serve you in the same manner as I have as a member of the Holly Springs Planning Board and current Chairman, over the past two and a half years. That manner is guided by my past experiences as a husband, father, career aviator, and US Air Force senior leader/veteran. Holly Springs is our family's home, and I want to be part of the broader strategic policy-making process to ensure this well recognized safe and family-friendly ‘great small town’ grows to build upon a unique sense of community and connectivity...continuing to make it a highly desired and safe town to live, work, shop, and play! 

My promise  to the residents of Holly Springs is simple - as a civic leader, I believe in making decisions on a given topic based on solid research of the issue presented, taking into consideration as many diverse opinions as available, and ultimately placing my vote where the facts intersect with a fiscally realistic and sustainable approach.

The opportunities and experiences over my lifetime distilled that perspective.

every challenge presents an opportunity

Integrated GROWTH

1. Traffic Delays from NC Infrastructure Lagging Rapid Growth (not unique to Holly Springs)


  1. Town advocates project expedited on NCDOT list to build out “fly-over” grade separated interchanges along NC-55
    • Estimates are 70% of NC-55 traffic is transiting Holly Springs to work, live, play elsewhere
    • 95% of Holly Springs residents commute out for work
    • Need infrastructure to smooth flow NC-55 traffic to US-1 and NC-540
    • First location is Main Street & NC-55
    • On Planning Board, I personally put forward two formal motions to Town Council (9/25/2018 & 1/22/2019) and re-iterated that request as PB rep to TC (3/19/2019, minute 29:30) to task Town Staff to conduct holistic Traffic Analysis including all developments (current & approved) feeding these intersections...including traffic to/from new hospital
2. Improve Connectivity & Capacity of Surface Street Connectors to Major Roads
2.  Leverage NCDOT scheduled/funded projects to maximize infrastructure enhancements to assist ‘transit traffic’
    • Improve surface streets, such as Main Street, Holly Springs, Sunset Lake, and Avent Ferry to continuous 4 lanes to increase capacity for quicker access to new NC-540 access
    • Continue Staff coordination with NCDOT to synchronize key road improvements planned with approved 2019 Town Bond to minimize over-all construction disruption
    • Widen & complete sidewalks along key roads in-line with these projects to enhance town connectivity
3.  Ensure Commercial & Residential Growth Provides Adequate Tax Basis to Prevent Further Town Tax Increases

   3.  Deliberate size of business to attract and locations to develop via Future Land Use Plan, UDO, and Transportation Plan Updates

    • Must balance residential growth with business (both small and larger) if town's residents wish to enhance infrastructure and Town provided amenities
    • One such project is Carolina Springs Planned Unit Development; I personally worked on Technical Review Committee during several meetings with developer to provide meaningful comment to ensure this balanced growth was included in the plan 
    • Must evaluate residential only development in Southern Area; will lack tax basis to effect meaningful partnering with NCDOT & Wake County for planning progress on Southern Bypass
      • Southern Bypass or NC-751 extension has potential to reduce transit traffic from Fuquay-Varina and Harnett County via NC-55 by routing direct to US-1
      • As member of CAMPO SWAS, advocated for joint NCDOT, Wake & Harnett Counties, Holly Springs & Fuquay-Varina to continue project planning 

Private / Public Partnerships

1. Continue Growth to Meet Resident Desires for Enhanced Amenities


      1. Town Hall Commons is a great start and meets multiple resident growth desires
    • Creates unique small town main street feel with sense of connected community
    • Provides small business opportunity to grow
    • Proximity to new hospital and other civic functions meets multiple user needs
2. Resident Desire for Increase to Parks & Rec by Adding Aquatic & Fitness Center

     2. Unique opportunity to engage Private partners to construct via joint effort

    • Similar to Town Hall, an aquatic center meets the needs of many end users
    • Engagement with UNC Rex and Duke Medical makes sense to construct facility in close proximity able to provide medical rehabilitation facilities
    • Similarly, engagement with the Veteran's Affairs may be beneficial as Holly Springs is nearly half way between two large and highly utilized facilities in Durham & Ft Bragg
      • Provide additional resource for rehabilitating wounded service members
    • Private/public partnership to acquire/designate land to continue Downtown Village District build-out 
3.  Affordable Housing

    3.  Partner with Private/Philanthropic Organizations to seek solutions

    • Public side is to designate land in Future Land Use Plan for affordable housing
    • Private/Philanthropic is for development, such as Habitat for Humanity
    • Last year, I was able to be part of the build effort for one of Raleigh's Habitat community developments, when I volunteered to work with my daughter as a chaperone for a school community charity event
    • Concept could apply to those displaced by eminent domain (NC-540 or others), but also to address individuals with restricted income in adjacent areas
    • If Holly Springs residents' desire is for public funding, i.e., paid for by a tax increase, then deliberation of soliciting a large business employer would be an economic offset

Accountable Decision Making


1. Access & Transparency to Deliberative Decision Making Process


    1. Deliberate each town project versus Future Plans and resident desires

    • Establish Podcast for Planning Board & Town Council public sessions
      • Permit up to 10 public comments total per session (combined in person & via web/dial in; total allowed up to 30 minutes)
    • Provides transparency and illustrates deliberative process to greater audience
    • Hold elected officials accountable for research and decision making
    • Check my voting record on Planning Board (meeting minutes are public record)
      • I have a consistent record of researching each project and focusing on key themes when measuring the merits of a given project/re-zoning against the limitations set forth by NC law and the Holly Springs UDO. I have voiced persistent concern against:  traffic caused by dense developments; disconnected developments; lack of greenway or sidewalk connectivity; and development impacts to our future infrastructure capacity when the burden will fall to current or future taxpayers.